5 Things you should do to prepare for your appointment with your makeup artist.

So, you decided to book a session with a professional makeup artist. In order to make the most of your session, there are a few things you should consider doing to prepare.


I have listed the top 5 most important preparation practices to ensure you stay looking flawless! 


1. Drink Water

     You skin hydrates from the inside out. You can remove many fine lines and wrinkles simply by drinking more H2O and who wouldn't want more supple skin? 


2. LimeLight by Alcone - Skin Care

     If you aren't using a real skin care line yet, I highly suggest it. Regardless of how healthy you think your skin is without it, organic skin serums, masks and moisturizers will only make it better. I personally recommend LimeLight by Alcone. Depending on your skin type, you can buy products to repair and maintain beautiful skin. I personally have oily and acne prone skin. My favorite LimeLight products include but are not limited to... Dream Clean Cleanser, Skin Polish Mask (it's crazy moisturizing!), Mask of Zen (for breakouts), Calm Balm (diminishes redness/irritation), Sotox Serum (basically a natural botox), Skin Therapist (literally the best moisturizer I have ever used. A little goes a LONG way). I also love LimeLight's "Must Dew" sunflower oil. I like to apply it about 5 minutes before applying my makeup to ensure my skin is dewy and beautiful. 

TIP: Avoid using too much finishing powder. 


3. Get your Eyebrows Threaded 

     This is especially for those of you who say, "I don't ever do anything to my eyebrows", "I tweeze them myself", or "I will just get them waxed" NO.. trust me.. I suggest threading because it is more precise. If your brows are light, you can also get them colored with henna! Threading is the best, you won't regret it. If you feel your eyebrows are uneven, try growing them out for a while and then booking a threading appointment for even better results. 

What is eyebrow threading? Find out HERE.


4. Dermaplaning

     Dermaplaning is also known as surgical scraping as it uses a blade to remove dead skin and peach fuzz that contributes to a lackluster appearance. 

Dermaplaning is perfect for anyone who has uneven skin texture and tone and is looking for a safe, painless way to smooth their skin and have baby soft soft skin. 

Benefits of Dermaplaning: 

1.) Helps to refinish top layers 

2.) Removes "peach fuzz" which can trap excess dirt and oil 

3.) Smooths the skins surface 

4.) Enhances the effectiveness of other treatments 

5.) Helps with product penetration


5. Find Inspiration Photos 

     This is the fun part! One very important rule to follow.. AVOID INSTAGRAM AND PINTEREST. 99% of the images on Pinterest are photoshopped. Instead, try searching "celebrity red carpet makeup looks". Although you may still come across photoshopped images, most of them are real makeup looks accomplished by real professional makeup artists. 


I hope you enjoy being pampered by your favorite makeup pro. If you have any questions or concerns about all things makeup, beauty or fashion, email us! info@citylightsmakeup.com


Image by Jeff DelaCruz

Makeup/Hair Paula Heckenast

Styling.Wardrobe Anisa Davis




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5 Things you should do to prepare for your appointment with your makeup artist.

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