Winter Dry Skin Fix

February 23, 2014

Having dry skin can ruin you relationship with foundation, concealer and powder. When you have dry skin your makeup will get caught in the creases making you look older. There are many things you can do to hydrate your skin getting you looking younger in no time!


- Hydrate your body. Drink several glasses of water everyday. If you are dehydrated on the inside it's going to cause your skin to shrivel up on the outside. When you are hydrated your skin will appear more radiant and "plump".


- Moisturize. Be conscious of your skin type when selecting the best moisturizer for you. Most products will have information regarding which skin type they best serve. Use as needed. If halfway through the day your skin feels dry, don't hesitate applying more moisturizer (and downing a glass of water).


- Don't smoke cigarettes. I know this is easier said than done but there is a major difference in your skin when smoking and not smoking. Avoid it at all costs. Trying to quit? Check out this link. 


​- Exfoliate. There is a wide range of exfoliation products on the market today. I suggest a gentle scrub. I find that products like apricot scrub is too rough on your skin, causing more bad than good. One method I like is over applying moisturizer then buffing away dead skin with a baby washcloth. Wait at least 30 minutes before applying makeup. This will determine if your skin is still thirsty. If so, apply another layer of moisturizer (and down another glass of water). 


Paula Heckenast





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