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The Gift That Can't Be Bought in the Store? YOU!

You know what can't be bought in the store? YOU! A classy, sexy boudoir shoot will be one of the most empowering experiences you will ever have.

There is no greater time than the present so toss out the thoughts of needing to lose weight, get into a better job or move before booking your session with a seasoned professional! I mention working with a PROFESSIONAL from experience. I am very passionate about offering the proper advice to whomever I can reach and trust me when I say those Groupon (no offense Groupon, we love you) photo sessions aren't worth it! Any "professional" able to work for that cheap (guess what?) isn't a professional at all. So before you waste your time, energy and money on a big fat disappointment, look into booking with a pro! In most cases you can book months or even a year in advance and make payments to ensure your session is booked and paid for! :)

Don't get me wrong.. you don't need to spend $3,000 on a shoot. Shop around, gather information, make sure makeup/hair is included (or at the very least offered), research reviews and above all the photographer's portfolio before your book your session.

I work with quite a few photographers in the Chicagoland area, below are a few samples from my favorite companies. Should you decide to embark on your own empowering journey I am sure I will be seeing you soon!

The photos below are captured by

The photos below are captured by

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