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5 Holiday Makeup Tips

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I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving! I know we did!

Tryng to get your makeup to stay flawless for holiday festivities can be a challenge. Here are 5 tips to help your makeup stay put.

1. Use a moisturizing mattifier under your makeup.

With this type of product you'll get the best of both worlds.. a moisturizer and mattifier. My go to is Murad. I love this product because you can use it all year round and regardless of the outdoor conditions, it will help moisturize your face while also suppressing oil/shine. This product will work on all skin types.

2. After skin prep, do your eye makeup first.

I still get clients who are surprised to see I do the eyes first. I can totally understand the shock since foundation is called.. FOUNDATION. The foundation is traditionally first when talking about anything else. Why not with makeup? By doing your eyes first you won't have to worry about eyeshadow fallout or fingerprints around the eyes when you're done.

3. Apply a little concealer after your makeup is done.

It's easy to have a slip up with your blush, bronzer or even eyeshadow. By adding a bit of concealer you can clean up any mistakes and brighten up your eyes.

4. Highlight and contour your collar bones.

Dust contour powder along either side of your collar bones using a fan brush then add some shimmer over the top. This is a great trick for adding a bit of definition for photos.

5. Use a shimmery body cream on any exposed skin.

The shimmer will photograph beautifully and hide small imperfections in your skin.

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