• Paula Heckenast

Makeup and Hair Styling for Kiara

As a makeup artist I can truly appreciate working with others involved in the arts. I have a deep appreciation for all things creative. Painting and music are at the top of my love list. When I was booked for makeup on a photo shoot for Kiara I knew, just from the sound of her music, that we were going to sync well and I couldn't have been more right!

Kiara has a beautiful sound and style. I can totally dig her vibe and since working with her, I appreciate her music even more. We had long talks about our passions (and love for a warmer climate) during her time in my chair. There really isn't anything that makes my heart sing louder than someone with a drive to do what they love and be who their spirit truly is meant to be. Kiara is wise beyond her years and going places... that is one thing I know for sure. I urge you to check out her "Bring Me Back" @

Check out some of the finished photos from our shoot with the fabulously talented photographer Emily Gualdoni below.

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