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Good morning world!

I am thrilled and excited to present to you our recent mini project for Bedhead Boudoir Photography, City Lights Makeup Artistry and Jillian Conley. Jillian is working on showcasing herself with and without filtering, makeup, hair and photoshop #idontneednofilter . As women in the boudoir and beauty business, we enjoy increasing confidence and of course had to get involved in the movement!

What is boudoir photography?

"Boudoir photography is a genre of photography that involves female subjects in sexually suggestive or sensual poses. It is distinct from erotic photography in its emphasis on the aesthetic qualities of the subject and the craftsmanship of the photographic process over the sexually stimulating nature of the image." Something I have always enjoyed about this genre of photography (besides the champagne), is that any woman has the opportunity to "look like the girl in the magazine". She can experience exactly what it takes and most importantly now knows that she indeed can look just as beautiful!

Here's a preview of what goes on when you book a session with Angela & I. Notice all the laughing we're doing? You can't buy this kind of entertainment, err wait, yes you can, when you book your session with us. :)

Filmed & directed by Jason Knade - Sound by Derek O'Rourke

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