• Paula Heckenast

"Be a Light" - Jess Godwin

So, let's talk inspirational human beings. If I had to select one person I've met thus far in my life time, it would be Jess Godwin.

I have been working as Miss Godwin's makeup artist for over a year now. This woman has a PURPOSE in life... and that purpose isn't throwing on a bedazzled bra and singing about kissing chicks. Jess is cheering for the under dogs out there, the girls who don't quite fill out their clothes the way they'd like to, the girls who think they aren't good enough, pretty enough, smart enough. She is there to prove to each and every little girl out there that she is amazing and can do anything. I am beyond proud that my 7 year old daughter consdiers her a role model.

Check out our most recent project together, "Be a Light", music video.

Don't forget to grab her album on iTunes!


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