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Chicago & Suburbs - On Location Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist - Paula Heckenast

Most people have absolutely NO idea that they can simply call up a freelance makeup artist or hair stylist in the Chicagoland area, have them come to their home or hotel and provide professional makeup artistry and hair styling for them.

More often than not, these services are better than salon quality (depending on the salon of course). Why do I say "better"? Practice makes perfect right? Well, as an artist it is very important to keep practicing. Every chance you get.

When you hire a full time, freelance artist, that means their art, is pretty much ALL THEY DO. In the 8 years I have been working as an artist, I went from taking 60 minutes per face, to only 30 minutes per face. That is due to countless hours of practice.

I now know as a professional, what questions to ask to ensure you get the EXACT look that you had in mind. I also undertsand that you are not in my industry, so you may have a hard time expressing to me what it is that you want. This is all normal. But if you are working with an amature, and you dont frequent getting your makeup done, it can be a receipie for disaster! My advice, research your makeup/hair artist/stylist. Look at thier portfolio, check out where they have been published, chat with them via telephone to ensure there is a personality match and last but now least, look into their client reviews... or if you want to dig really deep, as them for some referrals! It's best to be safe, rather than sorry when it comes to beauty. Unfortunately the industry is oversaturated, but there IS a beauty service match out there for everyone! I just know it! ;)

Stay Flawless!

- Paula Heckenast


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