Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique done, by using a tiny blade/needle to create natural looking hair strokes for lush, full, and beautiful brows. 

About The Artist

Paula Heckenast is a celebrity makeup artist with over 13 years professional experience in the beauty industry.        


Microblading came second nature and has become a passion for her since completing the 100 hour training program at Advanced Permanent Cosmetics right here in Illinois. APC is one of the counties best training programs shaping some of the best microblading artists to date. Paula's attention to detail and effortless creative edge helps her to produce the perfect brows, carefully crafted and customized to each individual.


Q. Will it hurt?

A. 100% of our clients have had no to very minimal pain as we use a numbing cream/anesthetic throughout the entire procedure. 

Q. How long does it last? 

A. Most clients require a touchup every 1-3 years depending on pigment retention. 

Q. How long does it take? 

A. Your first session will take 2.5-3 hours. Your first session will include your consultation, brow mapping/measurements, design and first microblade. You will then have a touch up session 8 weeks later. 

Ready to hear more? Shoot us an email, call or text! 

email: paula@citylightsmakeup.com

cell: 708.969.0680

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